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Becky Munro

Office:(203) 656-6511
Mobile:(203) 858-6182

Awarded WSJ-REAL Trends 'Best Real Estate Agent in America' List! 2011-2016

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Agent Profile Sugar Trading To Real Estate

An experienced Realtor, Becky Munro brings her compassion and knowledge to the job from her previous careers as a commodity trader.

Munro has been a Realtor for 13 in the same offices — first as Wheeler Real Estate and for the last seven years as Halstead Property Connecticut. Before that, Munro was a sugar commodity trader for Cargill between New York City and London for five years and ran the American trading arm of a Swiss oil group for 20 years. It’s her instinct and knowledge of putting a deal together and working with people that has led to her success as a Realtor. She was, in fact, cited as one of the top agents in 2016 by America’s Best Real Estate List by Real Trend.

“Coming out of the ‘loose lips sink ships world,’ confidentiality is really important in this field of work,” Munro said. “It allows you to have a trust level with your clients and they know that the ultimate success is your total objective. I do that in many ways. One is looking at a lot of analysis, which I did in my previous jobs. I analyze a lot — things like looking at the percentage the house sells against the original price, the age of the house and whether it’s been updated or not.”

Munro is also known as a well-respected negotiator.

“(Negotiating) is a key in today’s business,” she said. “You have to be able to work with the other clients’ agents. That is really important to develop a good relationship and so you can achieve the best for your client.”

Munro also has the distinction of being the first Realtor to use a drone (in 2008) for a property in Darien. That property was a waterfront home and Munro has become kind of an expert on the use of drones. In fact, she was the featured speakers on the topic during the 2015 New York City Inman Real Estate Conference, a prestigious annual gathering.

In her spare time, she enjoys boating and rowing and is an active member of St. Luke’s Church in Darien.

Business: Halstead Property Connecticut
Lives: Darien
Works: Darien and Rowayton
Experience: Runs the gamut from residential sales to first time home buyers, builders and estates
Contact: (203) 858-6182,

Friday, February 10, 2017